About Us

MyVisit is an initiative by the Government of India to facilitate the common man. MyVisit facility enables the citizens to have a smooth and simple process of making an appointment. It will bridge the gap between the Government and the common man and will enhance the opportunity of a common man to meet a government officer, hassle free. It has advanced features of eliminating all the cumbersome and tedious procedure of making a request for an appointment and then visiting the premises.

MyVisit is a cloud based application software developed by NIC with an easy to use graphical interface and embedded with comprehensive security features. This is a unified and centralized application and can be easily implemented in any Government offices / Ministries / Bhawans with minimum customization efforts. It assists in maintaining all-relevant information about the visitor, which is automatically saved in a database. This application is integrated with visitors’ Aadhaar card facility.

Fixing appointment using Myvisit / eVisitor

  • Visit website eVisitors.nic.in or MyVisit.gov.in and register yourself with your Aadhaar or another valid personal id. On registration, the user gets a One-Time Password (OTP) on his / her Mobile phone. The OTP allows the user to confirm the registration;
  • Log in using registration details and select Office and officer with whom appointment is sought. Also input your preferred slots for date and time;
  • The request for meeting is submitted to the concerned officer. The concerned officer will schedule the appointment based on his engagements. The visitor gets email and SMS alert on his mobile phone as soon as the appointment is fixed.
  • Visitor logs into the system and prints his eVisitors Pass;
  • Visit the office at the appointed time. The Visitor may kindly take the entered Digital ID for his / her identification purposes; and
  • In the event of change of appointment timing, the Visitor gets SMS and email alert. How a Government office may onboard the eVisitor application
  • If visitor is earlier registered at least once with this eVisitor, he / she can refer his / her old registration number, mobile number or personal details for quick registration of his / her current visit at the Reception Counter.

On- Boarding Procedure for an Organisation

  • The Central Government, State Government and Local Self government interested in using the eVisitor application may send a request to the eMail: support-evisitor[at]nic[dot]in with below mentioned information:
  • a. Name of the Ministry, State or Local body;

    b. Full Office address with pincode

    c. Name, designation, contact details of the Nodal officer (Nodal Officer should typically be head of the Administration in the organisation)

    d. Name, designation, contact details of a System Administrator (System Administrator would typically be managing the application for the organisation. He should be appropriately qualified / trained)

  • NIC will create the User id and Password and communicate the same to the Nodal Officer and System Administrator
  • System Administrator of the organisation will get the Master Data of the employees entered.
  • It is to be ensured that reception has internet connectivity with one system for 50 visitors a day. The reception must have a wired internet connection, computer with stabilised power with mouse and printer along with a webcam and bar code reader.

Key Features

  • Solution free for all Central, State and Local Self Government offices;
  • Cloud based, multi – tenant;
  • Highly scalable;
  • SMS and email alerts for the visitors;
  • Allows PRO registering of visitors also; and
  • Query and reports to support management.